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News: (4th April 2005) Kmenc15 0.04 is out. Just about the only change from 0.03 is that File merging actually works (there was a bug in 0.03) and that it's done through MEncoder directly instead of nasty hacks all around. MEncoder now supports multiple files thanks to me working with the MPlayer team, so you need MEncoder 1.0pre7 to use Kmenc15 0.04.

(5th Feb 2005) Kmenc15 0.03 is out. I lost interest in the program for a few months hence not releasing any new version, but I've been working hard at Kmenc15 past few weeks and i finally released a new version.
There are few any actual gui improvements, but I hopefully made the program more portable, robust, and much much faster.
The most important improovement in this version is merging AVI files is now MUCH faster than the previous version.

I'll be working with the MPlayer team the next few weeks on adding multiple file support to MEncoder, so don't expect any updates for a while...
If/when I finish that, I plan on making a wizard for Kmenc15... please e-mail me with feature suggestions if you have any.

Kmenc15 is an advanced Qt/KDE MEncoder frontend, generally designed to be a VirtualDub replacement for Linux. It is most useful for editing and encoding large high quality AVIs capped from TV. It allows cutting and merging at exact frames, applying any MPlayer/MEncoder filter, with preview.

It requires at least 1.0pre7 MEncoder to work. It obviously needs KDE and Qt libs. It probably works on any POSIX platform, altough i have only tested it on GNU/Linux. Please e-mail me and tell me if it works in any other platform.

It can also create shell scripts instead of doing the encode itself, so MEncoder is not essential for it to run. MPlayer is essential though, without it the program will not even open files and cannot create shell scripts without the files.

The program is not quite complete, still a few features disabled, none of which are horribly essential. It does not support opening MPEG's. Only AVIs.

If you have any questions, suggestions, comments, problems, bugs, pizza, or anything else, please e-mail me at

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